I’m Anjeline from Manila, Philippines. I research and make music.

Specifically, I research the cultural, social, and economic geographies of music performance, creative labor, and transnational migration, focusing on the Philippine and Southeast Asian contexts. I finished my PhD in Geography and a one-year postdoc at the Asia Research Institute (both at the National University of Singapore), and will be joining the Cultural Studies Department of Lingnan University, Hong Kong, as a faculty member later this year. You can find out more about my doctoral research on overseas Filipino musicians and migrant creative labor here and here.

I am also a singer and harp player with an interest in yoga, sound-based meditation, music therapy, intuitive chant, and other modalities that bring together embodied awareness and creative self-expression. To this end I developed a meditation format called Vocal Meditation, and you should try it with me one time because it is a pretty cool thing (if I do say so myself).

Common to my different doings is a lifelong passion for music: the sheer joy of making it, a fascination with the ways it shapes and is shaped by societies, and a firm belief in its potential to uplift lives and propel positive transformation.

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