Pictures of family, friends, and strangers from 2006-2011, taken with a Lomo Smena 8M and a Lomo LCA+, 35mm slide reversal and regular negative film.

The masked portraits were taken during a photography workshop in Manila with Marc Lathuillière in February 2010, organized by Silverlens Gallery. We took a field trip to Intramuros and Quiapo Market, and went around asking the sellers to put on a mask and let us take their picture. It was fun, and puzzling: people were more resistant to (even fearful of) the idea of having their picture taken with the mask rather than without it.

I have both digital and film cameras, though I have a special fondness for the latter. They are very simple, light, and sturdy. They perfectly meet my desire to take pictures in a specific way, i.e. without any concern for the result. I like taking people’s pictures with film cameras. Freed from viewing and assessing the result, picture-taking becomes a fleeting, shared moment. You both forget all about it until the film is developed, and then the moment comes back.

That possibility of an unpredictable yet certain future, and the tangible form of the moment in a little square of film (rather than a bundle of 1’s and 0’s), is what I find enjoyable and strangely reassuring about taking pictures with my Lomo cameras.


  1. pkf says:

    love this collection!

  2. Anja says:

    These are great! I especially like the picture of your friend fading into the background of water, mountain and sky 🙂

    • Anjeline says:

      Merci bien! C’est ma copine Lara. J’ai pris cette photo quand on a ete sur le Sognefjord au Norvege.

      Wala lang, nagfifiling-filingan lang akong mag-French. 🙂

  3. Kara says:

    They’re all so lovely! Iba nga talaga ang film.
    My personal favourite is the greenish one of your papa. 🙂

    • Anjeline says:

      Thanks again! I’m bad at capturing facial expressions; gestures are much easier. Papa was surprised when he saw this. Di niya namalayan na kinunan ko na siya ng picture.

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