Buhay pa rin po (still alive)


The six of France: lady-in-waiting from the Courtly Household Cards, circa 1450. Credit Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Kunstkammer, Vienna


I’m here! In the blogosphere. Still. Hello.

So, IRL I’m six months into my yearlong fellowship as a postdoc and it is every bit as transitional and challenging (yet also enjoyable and oddly comfortable/comforting) as they said it would be.

I’m based in Singapore for the foreseeable future so I am no longer offering regular Vocal Meditation classes, nor performing with Vibrators, in Manila. Not to worry: I’m still as hippy-dippy as ever lol. I’ve teamed up with the wonderful Christina Shiu of Be Mindful Living to offer a Vocal/Singing Bowls Meditation session next month—so the happy vibrations and healing tones are forthcoming.

In addition to working on a cluster project at my institute and turning my dissertation into journal articles (and thinking about the kind of book I want to write out of it) I’ve got a few new artistic and academic projects in the pipeline. I’ll be blogging about that stuff in the future.   In the meantime, please check out:

  • An essay I wrote for Dissertation Reviews on the ethnographic work I did for my PhD, interviewing Filipino musicians on cruise ships, and
  • A review of my PhD thesis by ethnomusicologist Dr. Stephanie Ng, also on Dissertation Reviews.

If you’re still hangin’ out with me here, thanks.


  1. Brian says:

    Reading your essay, blind street musicians come to mind. How much of their time is spent in performing? In entertaining? Why do the songs repeat between Asin and Freddie Aguilar? Perhaps I should try to sit around and watch for a while.

    • helloise says:

      Hi Brian! Those are great questions. What’s the difference between performing and entertaining for you? As for the repetitive repertoire… madaming posibleng dahilan yun. Baka ‘yun lang mismo ang gusto nilang gawin, baka ‘yun lang din ang “kaya” nilang gawin, o baka ‘yun lang ang hinihingi at inaasahan ng mga tagapakinig mula sa kanila, bilang mga bulag na musiko, kaya ‘yun lang din ‘yung kinagawian nilang ihandog. O baka generational o gender-based din yung dahilan. It would be interesting to see if there’s a common age/gender profile to these musicians that plays a part in determining their song selection.

      Let me know your findings once you get them! 🙂

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